Why You Need Solar Energy

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One of the best ways to suck money from your bank account is paying the bill from your local energy department. Powering your home and lifestyle can become extremely expensive! If you are wondering how you can begin to save money, and benefit the earth in the process, you need to read about and ascribe to the benefits of solar energy. Solar energy is the process by which solar panels harness the power of the sun and convert it into usable energy in your home. Once the panels are installed, it is a form of free energy to power your home.

Rebates and Tax Credits

In New Orleans, there are rebates and tax credits available on solar panel or PV systems that can add up to 80% off the total cost of installation. Comfort Engineered Systems, Inc. can help you on your journey to solar power, and make sure you take advantage of as many incentives for going solar as you can. There is a 50% tax credit/rebate from the State of Louisiana and a 30% Federal tax credit. is a great site to find out more information on tax credits available from around the country.

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