My name is KC King. After Katrina destroyed my house I rebuilt a new one designed to keep my future operating costs as low as possible. CES helped me to create whole house energy systems that have dramatically reduced my all electric energy bills.

For HVAC, CES recommended and installed a geothermal well based heating and cooling solution. With only 2 x 500′ wells and a geothermal heat exchanger pump I stay warm in winter and cool in summer with the only electricity being continuous circulation of the water and air moving with a high SEER-based distribution system.

To further reduce my costs, CES recommended a complete PV system rated at 3kW. Occasionally I do see my meter run backwards

To top it off, CES recommended installing a solar hot water heater which supplemented by hot water from their geothermal system gives more hot water that we need.

To complement the CES-centered solution, our house features triple-glazed windows, 5.5″ steel-framed Styrofoam structural panels; reflective metal roof, and all Energy Star electric appliances

Through the installation and subsequent operation, CES kept my price the same and gave me upgraded capacity. They are responsive and a pleasure to deal with.”